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   Frequently Asked Questions  
Q. How many title brands are there?
A. There are 3 brand titles for retail customers, clean title, reconstructed title, and salvage title.

Q. What is the difference between a clean title, reconstructed title, and a salvage title?
A. Clean title: the vehicle has not been deemed a total loss, and may have no accident history. However, damage could have been done but the previous owner has not reported any incidents occurring to this vehicle. 
B. Reconstructed title: the vehicle previously was a salvage vehicle which was repaired and then went through the state inspection process to obtain a reconstructed title so that it can be registered and driven in any state. 
C. Salvage title: the vehicle is inoperable, currently damaged, and or, unable to pass the salvage state safety inspection. A salvage title could be issued to a vehicle for one of the five causes, water damage, vandalism, theft, collision, or natural disaster. 

Q. Will I be able to register a reconstructed title in my state?
A. Yes, a reconstructed title will register just as a clean title would. But we do recommend to please check with your local DMV, as for some states have different regulations and will require additional inspections. 

Q. If a vehicle has a salvage title but still drives, are you able to issue a temporary tag for me to drive it back home?
A. No, salvage titles are illegal to drive on public streets. Even if the vehicle looks safe and had repairs done, salvage titles still require a salvage safety inspections to be done. If the vehicle passes a reconstructed title will be issued and then you are able to get a temporary tag or register the vehicle so it can be driven on public streets.

Q. Can I finance my reconstructed title?
A. Yes, many banks and credit unions offer financing for reconstructed titles. If your particular bank or credit union does not, we will be able to recommend one that does. The rates for financing a reconstructed vehicle should not differ from financing a clean title.

Q. Do you offer shipping?
A. Yes, as a courtesy, we can assist you on finding transportation from our lot to your front door for no additional brokerage charge. We can also assist with port to port delivery for export. The buyer will be responsible for payment of transportation/shipping unless otherwise agreed.


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