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Q: What is a salvage title vehicle?

A: A Salvage title vehicle is assigned by the State when an insured vehicle is deemed a total loss by an insurance carrier and subsequently cannot be registered for normal use until it is repair and re-inspected by a state assigned licensed facility. A Salvage title can result from a variety of circumstances such as: 1) repair costs exceed the total loss threshold 2) the non-availability of parts for repairs needed, or simply 3) the vehicle owner refused to accept/repair the vehicle. Typically, the only title brands that would not be able to be road worthy again are vehicles that are titled Non-Repairable, Parts-Only, Junk, and Not for Reconstruction.

Q: Will I be able to register a Rebuilt/Reconstructed Titled vehicle in my state?

A: Yes. Reconstructed Titled vehicle can be registered in all 50 states. A reconstructed title will register just as a clean title would. We do however, recommend checking with your local DMV, as some states may have different regulations and will require an additional inspections or paperwork.

Q: Can I finance a Reconstructed Titled vehicle?

A: Yes. Many banks and credit unions will finance Reconstructed Titled vehicles. Rate's for such vehicle financing are no different than for any clear titled vehicle. However, please note that no bank will finance a “Salvage” titled vehicle.

Q: If a vehicle has a Salvage title but is drivable, are you able to issue a temporary tag for me to drive it back home?

A: No. It is Illegal to operate a vehicle with a Salvage title on public roads, Even if the vehicle looks safe and had repairs done, salvage titles still require a salvage safety inspections to be done., Salvage titled vehicles must be shipped to our customers or picked up by our customers using tow dollies or trailers ONLY.

Q: What is the difference between Clean, Reconstructed, and Salvage?

A: There are 3 brand titles for retail customers, clean title, reconstructed title, and salvage title:

  • Clean title: the vehicle has not been deemed a total loss, and may have no accident history. However, damage could have been done but the previous owner has not reported any incidents occurring to this vehicle while in their possession.
  • Salvage title: the vehicle is inoperable, currently damaged, and or, unable to pass the salvage state safety inspection. A salvage title could be issued to a vehicle for one of the five causes, water damage, vandalism, theft, collision, or natural disaster.
  • Reconstructed title: the vehicle was previously salvaged. The vehicle underwent repair and then went through a thorough state enhanced inspection process to obtain a reconstructed title so that it can be registered and treated as any clean title vehicle would.
Q: What does “Lot Drives” mean in a Salvage vehicle's description?

A: This means that the vehicle can start and has been briefly driven on our property. This does not mean that a vehicle is able to run for extended period of time, as many of our salvage vehicles have front end damage with damaged cooling components, so they can only run for a couple of minutes as not to overheat them.

Q: Do you offer shipping?

A: Yes, as a courtesy, we can assist you on finding transportation from our lot to your front door for no additional brokerage charge. We can also assist with port to port delivery for export. The buyer will be responsible for payment of transportation/shipping. Feel free to call or email us for a quote.



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